Jerome Rasky

Software Engineer


I’m Jerome Rasky, a software engineer from California currently pursuing a Bachelors of Computer Science at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada.

Through my work as an intern in a number of positions, as well as my general experience in a wide-ranging set of skills in computer science, I’m confident I can take on almost any challenge.

Interesting challenges are really what I strive for, especially in my personal projects. When I started my operating system kernel as a side-project, I had no idea how operating systems came together, or how to communicate with hardware. Undeterred, I jumped in, and through way too many long nights and lots of very close reading, I slowly pulled back the curtain on a part of computer science that had always mystified me.

Beyond just computer science, I’m always searching for the next challenge to take on. I’m the former Vice President External of the UBC Computer Science Student Society, and current VP Social. Last year as VP External I was charged with the annual UBC Technical Career Fair, an event that spans five different organizations. This year, I’m the organizer for all the social events the CS club puts on. That means effectively managing people and resources to put together great experiences.

When my friends see me reading the C++ standard, they tell me that I have a warped idea of “fun.” I disagree: I think everybody likes satisfying their curiosity. I also think balance is very important in life, which is why I value my own and others’ time a lot. I always want to work as hard as I can, but working hard means making time for friends and family so that you can recharge.

I’m very optimistic about the future. There’s so much to be excited about, both at the scale of the whole world, for things like advances in medicine, but also at the personal level. Younger me never thought my life would be anything like it is today. If you have something to add to this great adventure, do get in touch!